For our clients, mainly from the retail and airline industry, we are looking into a wide range of topics, but always centered around their brand and customers. We are passionate about creating outstanding and lasting brand experiences and through our extensive network, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions in the following areas:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Quality Assurance
  • Expansion and Network Strategy
  • Supply Chain and Procurement



In Zurich, we supported a startup company in the areas of strategy development as they prepared to make their first steps into the market.   In Sydney, we implemented a new customer service strategy to improve a company's brand experience in a retail environment.   In Hong Kong, we looked at retail trends and new developments in the luxury field for a client.
In Melbourne, we took a closer look at the city's vibrant food and beverage scene, collecting new ideas for an international client.   In Dubai, we closely follow developments in the gulf region's airline industry as carriers continue to revolutionize industry trends and adjust traffic flows across the world.   In Tokyo, we looked at companies that revolutionized customer engagement and interaction by interpreting their brands in new ways while staying true to their core values.
In Christchurch, we found creative ideas in retail development as the locals are overcoming the devastation caused by the massive earthquakes.   In New York, we have been looking at customer service trends in the retail area.   In Sydney, we published a report on the country's unique airline industry as carriers fight for market share and product improvemens..

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